Alex Davies

Acoustic Emitter # 1

‘… There is no escaping sound. It meets your body and forcibly enters your mind, not just through your ears but also via your bones, your flesh, and your body cavities.’
Pellegrino, Ron, Loud Music And Hearing Loss

Acoustic Emitter # 1 is an experimental sound device that investigates the psycho-physiological and environmental effects of high intensity low frequency acoustic energy.
The pneumatic resonator is constructed out of marine alloy, stainless steel and is fed by an 8KW air blower. When operated the device effects the surrounding acoustic ecology in a number of complex ways, detailed in the associated paper available below.


  • Helen Lempiere Travelling Arts Scholarship Artspace, Sydney, Australia, 2001
  • UNSW College of Fine Arts, Sydney, Australia, 2000


  • Thanks to Triclops International, in particular Miles Van Dorssen and Ben Blakeborough for fabrication assistance.


  • Honors Paper from UNSW concerning the work available <here>


Project Details

DATE : 2000

KEYWORDS : Installation, Sound