Alex Davies

The Very Near Future – Part 3


The Very Near Future - Part 3 (Sc. 48 Ext. Night)

Continuing on from the story world established in The Very Near Future, Part 3 situates the audience in the midst of Scene 48 Ext. Night. Our protagonist ‘Chapman’ finds himself in a bind when law enforcement has discovered his hideout. He shifts anxiously behind the door clutching an axe and interacts with ‘Sargent Parker’ at the scene. The presence of these characters is established through auditory and visual illusions. An on set camera in the gallery displays live video of the room on a reference monitor. The audience see themselves on this screen, and from the particular camera angle, Chapman is also revealed to be hiding behind the door that is physically situated in the space. Characters dialogue emanate from their suggested locations, Chapman from behind the door, and Parker behind the audience. The audience is essentially placed in the middle of an ongoing conversation between the two characters. Seven speakers are employed to present environmental atmos tracks, musical scores and voice over during each narrative variation.


  • Cosmic Love Wonderlust: The Imperial Slacks Project, Campbelltown Arts Center, Australia


  • Chapman: Lee Wilson
  • Parker: Michael Wannenmacher
  • Script Consultant: Joe Velikovsky
  • Thanks to Greg Ferris and Ali Crosby


The work continues the conceptual framework set up in The Very Near Future in which the cast and crew are trapped in a cyclic multiverse. Each time the scene ends, time shears back to the beginning, and the scene commences over again (the audience is aware of this, however the cast and crew are not). Every time this occurs, variations are evident in the characters motivations, backstory, and the production characteristics of the cinematic scene. For example, Parker is a crooked cop/ sympathetic to Chapman’s plight; Chapman botched the job/ was setup as a patsy; the environment in which the scene is situated shifts from a stormy night-time deluge to barren daytime countryside. All these elements are randomised and generate a wide range of narrative situations (multiverses) in realitme.


Project Details

DATE : 2015

KEYWORDS : Installation, Mixed Reality, Spatial Cinema