Alex Davies

Sonic Displacements

Sonic displacements is a sound installation in which the live acoustic space is manipulated via extended delay lines and fragmentaton of sonic content. The acoustic space is sampled and subsequently fed back upon itself in endless cycles. While the work is active a wide range of material is manipulated ranging from a subtle cough to the dense chatter of gallery patrons. A stereo microphone captures the environmental acoustics and this sound is then cycled back into the space with a delay that ranges between a few minutes and several hours. The audio is presented back into the space by a series of 4 speakers that, due to their proximity to the microphone, are also subsequently re-recorded. Subtle cyclic feedback loops are created through this interaction. The sound gradually evolves throughout the course of the event as the sonic space is continually updated, fragmented and transformed.


  • What Survives, Performance Space, Sydney, Australia, 2006
  • KunstRaum Goethestrasse, Linz, Austria, 2002




Project Details

DATE : 2002

KEYWORDS : Installation, Sound